What to wear in Weddings? – The Guest Edition

Wedding Invites give away lots of information to the wedding guests piquing their interests but also leave them with a question to translate between the lines, what to wear. The essential rules of what to wear to a wedding that your family may have passed along to you are still applicable, but with each year, these rules all seem to be a bit more open to individual taste and expression. But even after those general guidelines, there can still be many gray or in this case, very bright and colourful spots. Here are some of the dress ideas picked for you by Chandra Weddings which will help you identify the suitable dress for the next wedding you are invited.

Casual, Semi-Casual or Formal?

While this sort of dressing sounds the most casual, it can likewise be the most open-finished, and, subsequently, in some cases the most perplexing! The venue may help you better decide the level of formality–or scarcity in that department. Usually, this casual style is reserved for a morning or daytime wedding in an informal venue. For instance, a cotton dress in a formal cut or a satin dress made in a casual style would likewise be appropriate according to the situation. Dressing for the wedding calls for more festive and elegant attire but casual fabrics like cotton or knits are acceptable here if the overall style of dress is correct. The time of day and venue again will be a good guide here. Formal ought to be something which looks rich and classy which runs well with every one of the ceremonies. A dull naval force or dark suit, and fresh white shirt, with a dim or unbiased tie- is fitting here for men.



If some sort of cultural dress will be worn by wedding party which is not your own culture–for instance, saris or kilts, you could wear something that might be a bit of homage to that, as long as you are sure you are not deriding or upstaging the wedding gathering’s style. If your own religion or heritage states that you wear a certain type of dress to an occasion, as long as you’re sure it’s in keeping with the event and won’t cause offense or detract from the bride, then I’m sure most couples would welcome this expression of respect and festivity.

It is a sign of respect for the couple and the event to get dressed up for a wedding, and your attire should always be respectful, conservative, and appropriate. If you are not certain, you should bring accessories which can either spruce up or tone down your current attire according to the dresses people are wearing for the occasion. But keep in mind, the rules of etiquette were intended to help one feel more comfortable and agreeable in every social circumstance. So simply remember your cheerful presence at the wedding is what counts here, and you’re likely to have a good time no matter what you decide to wear. Again, regardless of how you are dressed, be sure to enjoy yourself and make the most out of your wedding experience leaving the worries of management to the expert hands of Chandra Weddings.