Royal Weddings of Jaipur

The charm of getting hitched in the pink city Jaipur is difficult to oppose, with the grand celebration being a memorable agenda. From Sangeet to Reception, each and every ritual and celebration will be done on a magnificent level and are cherished by our guests for years. We with our expert team of wedding planners, figure out how to make every single minute festive and less hectic.
How many of you have dreamed of being in royal fitting going to your wedding stage? Majestic aura, waiting to marry your love, sounds amazing doesn’t it? And while we would all love to be the Maharaja and Maharani of some famed kingdom, a royal wedding isn’t that far from the realms of reality. A wedding experience you only dreamed of, it is possible when you plan a wedding in the gorgeous city of Jaipur with an experienced wedding planner like Chandra Weddings. Capital city Jaipur or better known as ‘Pink City’ is conveniently located within few hours of flight from major cities like Mumbai, Delhi. Home to stunning architecture and plenty of old world charm, Jaipur offers couple lots of wedding venue options to choose from. Grand hotels, plush palaces, temples and historical sites, this city have it all in terms of what a grand wedding would require.

Royal weddings at Jaipur are a classy affair and best practices can be seen in the form of destination weddings for which Jaipur is known for. Planning a wedding in Jaipur is a huge task to overtake on your own, especially if you live outside of India.  So with Chandra Weddings at your side, your stress will be minimal to none. These weddings are a brilliant display of all the pomp and affluence you can imagine with attached modern connivances at your bay. Touches like planning a tour, shopping excursions and elephant rides for your attendees can make it all the more special. If you aim to recreate a magnificent imagery of royal nature in your weddings with Chandra Weddings, Jaipur can be your fairy tale venue