Memorable Wedding Invitations

When it comes to wedding invitations, the human mind has a tendency to swerve in different directions before reaching the final decision. Options are many and all are tempting. Maybe you are inclined towards DIY Invites and your mind’s wild running horses are busy coming up with design and sorting the printing options. Looking at the reality of the situation, there isn’t much time left for you to go astray the already tight schedule path when there is a dire need for you to make decisions. Keep this in mind, form always follows function. This is applicable in the case of wedding invitations too. No matter how creative or outlandish things can become, these invites should always fulfill the basic goal of conveying who/what/where/when in an understandable format.
Luckily Chandra Weddings got you covered. Be it unique styles of printing, reasonable price options, classy structure to everything you would need to know if you want to DIY your invites, we are here to reduce the stress you put over these pretty pieces of paper because we want you to make most of your time in other important preparations (which includes having fun too, believe it or not). At Chandra Weddings, we have a basic thinking regarding the invites and that is to create a card which actually does the basic task -to get people to your wedding, all while possibly creating a tiny memento for the grand day. There can be multiple approaches for this but once you get a sense of your approach, you’ll also start to get a feeling for what you want your invites to look like and we will help execute that thought into the final design.
We as proficient wedding planners will help you in creating an unforgettable experience so that you can enjoy your day as you want without thinking about the usual wedding chores. At Chandra Weddings, we aim to fulfill your every wish with our services. From royal destination weddings to styling, clothes, and personal shopping, we have it all covered.

Royal Weddings of Jaipur

The charm of getting hitched in the pink city Jaipur is difficult to oppose, with the grand celebration being a memorable agenda. From Sangeet to Reception, each and every ritual and celebration will be done on a magnificent level and are cherished by our guests for years. We with our expert team of wedding planners, figure out how to make every single minute festive and less hectic.
How many of you have dreamed of being in royal fitting going to your wedding stage? Majestic aura, waiting to marry your love, sounds amazing doesn’t it? And while we would all love to be the Maharaja and Maharani of some famed kingdom, a royal wedding isn’t that far from the realms of reality. A wedding experience you only dreamed of, it is possible when you plan a wedding in the gorgeous city of Jaipur with an experienced wedding planner like Chandra Weddings. Capital city Jaipur or better known as ‘Pink City’ is conveniently located within few hours of flight from major cities like Mumbai, Delhi. Home to stunning architecture and plenty of old world charm, Jaipur offers couple lots of wedding venue options to choose from. Grand hotels, plush palaces, temples and historical sites, this city have it all in terms of what a grand wedding would require.

Royal weddings at Jaipur are a classy affair and best practices can be seen in the form of destination weddings for which Jaipur is known for. Planning a wedding in Jaipur is a huge task to overtake on your own, especially if you live outside of India.  So with Chandra Weddings at your side, your stress will be minimal to none. These weddings are a brilliant display of all the pomp and affluence you can imagine with attached modern connivances at your bay. Touches like planning a tour, shopping excursions and elephant rides for your attendees can make it all the more special. If you aim to recreate a magnificent imagery of royal nature in your weddings with Chandra Weddings, Jaipur can be your fairy tale venue

Destination Wedding in the City of Lakes

The jewel of Mewar and the Venice of the east, Udaipur needs no introduction when it comes to exquisite destination weddings. This old city is surrounded with the picturesque Aravali ranges, lakes and green lush cover. It has an old world charm and is one of the renowned heritage cities in Rajasthan. It is well connected to major cities like Delhi and Mumbai and has daily flights, trains and buses available.

One of the best things about Udaipur is the presence of all the major five-star hotel chains and multitudinous affordable authentic traditional hotels which gives you a wide range of options for your D-Day. When you are booking these palatial hotels you should keep in mind that you should be well-informed about the minimum number of rooms to be booked with them. This will ensure smooth organization of the events. Also, bookings should be made well in advance as some of the palace venues selectively take up weddings every year.

When it comes to budgeting, besides, lodging and meals other smaller things like floral decoration, ambiance, and lighting, music, entertainment, transport should also be checked to avoid monetary confusion and chaos. To go about your décor and other minute details you can either go for a wedding planner who could help you with the implementation of your ideas and also helps you with getting in touch with the suppliers. The other option can be hiring a set designer for the same.

Destination weddings are certainly different than the usual, as all the arrangements from the venue to small things like Mehandi, Sangeet have to be on point. Therefore, wedding planners come to the rescue as all your needs are fulfilled without any last minute running for errands. Udaipur is one of the best places for theme weddings with the availability of splendid natural scenery and age-old palaces. The city is well equipped with vendors and suppliers, so it won’t be a herculean task to fetch for things.

Make your wedding an unforgettable and surreal experience under the starry sky in Udaipur and leave all your wedding planning woes to us. At Chandra weddings, we aim to fulfill your every wish with our services. From royal destination weddings to styling, trousseau, and personal shopping, we have it all covered.