Tips for a Great Indian Summer Wedding

Planning to get married soon? or someone near and dear is about to get married, you should keep in mind that most popular time of the year when majority of people are getting hitched is from May through August. Summer weddings are full of sunshine and warmth, and allow you to get married outside in good weather. Take full advantage of the season and all it has to offer you when planning your summer wedding with these tips by Chandra Weddings.


1.The Setting for the Wedding

Summer weddings are ripe for an outdoor setting such as a beach, a garden, or a beautiful yard. After knowing your thoughts and choices, we will help you choose most suitable spot for you. Take advantage of the long days with an afternoon wedding, or highlight wonderful dusks by saying your vows as the sun goes down behind you. You can use fresh fruits and vegetables to decorate in your flower arrangements. Also, bring light to an evening wedding with torches and strings of lanterns in the trees.

2.Wedding Flowers

You can’t go wrong with an abundance of flowers at a summer wedding. There are so many varieties in season, you may have a tough time narrowing your choices down. Fill the scene with bright and cheerful flowers such as roses, sunflowers, red and yellow lilies, dahlias etc. An alternative idea is an airy summer look with mostly white and light coloured flowers such as roses, elegant white calla lilies, huge and fragrant hydrangea, and Shasta daisies.

3.Summer Wedding’s Dresses

The bride who marries in the warmth of May, June, July or August is a lucky one as the majority of dresses that you’ll find are sleeveless and strapless, making them ideal for the hot season. Search for light fabrics such as organdy, linen, chiffon, crepe, georgette, and other lightweight silk, in order to not include an excessive amount of mass. You might choose brightly coloured dresses or short floral cocktail dresses for the bridesmaids to really evoke the season. For all the women in the bridal party, you must think about what heat, humidity, and moisture will do to your hair. The men in the bridal party can go for the classic navy blazer with khaki slacks or beautiful suits.

4.Food for Your Summer Wedding

Chandra Weddings will help you celebrate the season by arranging caterers who will fill the menu with refreshing items like watermelon, and berries, and fresh vegetables such as corn. An elegant summer wedding menu could include a bevy of fresh seafood, including lobster and oysters. For a more casual affair, a backyard barbecue, or traditional food ought to be considered.


What to wear in Weddings? – The Guest Edition

Wedding Invites give away lots of information to the wedding guests piquing their interests but also leave them with a question to translate between the lines, what to wear. The essential rules of what to wear to a wedding that your family may have passed along to you are still applicable, but with each year, these rules all seem to be a bit more open to individual taste and expression. But even after those general guidelines, there can still be many gray or in this case, very bright and colourful spots. Here are some of the dress ideas picked for you by Chandra Weddings which will help you identify the suitable dress for the next wedding you are invited.

Casual, Semi-Casual or Formal?

While this sort of dressing sounds the most casual, it can likewise be the most open-finished, and, subsequently, in some cases the most perplexing! The venue may help you better decide the level of formality–or scarcity in that department. Usually, this casual style is reserved for a morning or daytime wedding in an informal venue. For instance, a cotton dress in a formal cut or a satin dress made in a casual style would likewise be appropriate according to the situation. Dressing for the wedding calls for more festive and elegant attire but casual fabrics like cotton or knits are acceptable here if the overall style of dress is correct. The time of day and venue again will be a good guide here. Formal ought to be something which looks rich and classy which runs well with every one of the ceremonies. A dull naval force or dark suit, and fresh white shirt, with a dim or unbiased tie- is fitting here for men.



If some sort of cultural dress will be worn by wedding party which is not your own culture–for instance, saris or kilts, you could wear something that might be a bit of homage to that, as long as you are sure you are not deriding or upstaging the wedding gathering’s style. If your own religion or heritage states that you wear a certain type of dress to an occasion, as long as you’re sure it’s in keeping with the event and won’t cause offense or detract from the bride, then I’m sure most couples would welcome this expression of respect and festivity.

It is a sign of respect for the couple and the event to get dressed up for a wedding, and your attire should always be respectful, conservative, and appropriate. If you are not certain, you should bring accessories which can either spruce up or tone down your current attire according to the dresses people are wearing for the occasion. But keep in mind, the rules of etiquette were intended to help one feel more comfortable and agreeable in every social circumstance. So simply remember your cheerful presence at the wedding is what counts here, and you’re likely to have a good time no matter what you decide to wear. Again, regardless of how you are dressed, be sure to enjoy yourself and make the most out of your wedding experience leaving the worries of management to the expert hands of Chandra Weddings.

Some Important Wedding Planning Tips by Chandra Weddings

A larger than life celebration, Indian weddings are not just a commemoration of love between two people but they are a gala of love among family and friends. You can expect your average Indian wedding to be filled with fun, family, friends and overall festivity. Planning an Indian wedding can take both time and thought. So if you are the one responsible for Indian wedding planning, planning phase must have started months before. Chandra Weddings brings you some helpful tips to get you started and organized:

  1. Picking a Date and Selecting a venue: One of the most important and special detail you would like to carry out before going further the date. Even if you plan on being engaged for a year before getting married, it is never too early to start planning out your wedding date. Having a set date in mind will keep you on track and will help you plan out other aspects of your wedding. Then comes the venue, venue is one of the first and most important things to book. Venues typically are booked way in advance because there are always more people getting married than there are venues. To ensure that you have the venue that you want, it’s best to make that decision early on.



2. Working on your Guest List and Invitations: Some like to have a large gala whereas some like it to be cheerful gathering among loved ones. Decide how big or small you want to have your wedding. Indian weddings are a family oriented event, so the guest list can get steep. Regardless, keep track of a tentative guest list so you know how much food to order, how many seats to have and so forth. Once you have your guest list and your wedding date picked out, start shopping for your wedding invites. Chandra Weddings will help you design a themed wedding card according to your choice. Sending them ASAP will help people know to save the date.2

  1. Determining the budget: Weddings can be pricey. If you know in advance that you are working on a budget, it’s advised to detail out a budget list so you can work with it for the rest of your wedding planning. Even if you aren’t on a tight budget, creating a tentative budget will help you narrow down your choices.
  2. Hiring the decorator: Indian weddings are known to be extravagant, festive and mesmerizing. A venue, no matter how great, is just a space to work with. There all magic occurs when the venue is enhanced with flowers, lights, chiavari chairs, specialty table linens and so forth. Chandra Weddings will help you carry out all the planning for your wedding ceremony.


5. Delving into Catering: Great food is an important component of an Indian wedding. Some couples prefer having regional specific food and some decide on having a combination of Western and Indian food. Whatever your idea of foodstuff is, you can rely on Chandra Weddings to fulfill with best catering services.


  1. What to Wear: Whether you plan on wearing wedding saris, wedding lehenga or a cross between traditional Indian garb and Western wedding attire, buy your dress a few months prior to the wedding. Remember, picking out the perfect dress takes time. When it comes to picking up dress for the bride, Chandra Weddings will make sure that all the eyes stay on bride’s beautiful attire.


  1. The need of Professional Photographer: Capturing one of the most important days of your life is a crucial component of any wedding. If you are trying to cut corners, never skimp out with an inexperienced photographer. These wedding photos will be cherished for a lifetime and Chandra Weddings will set you up with the professional photographers for your ceremonies.


8. Reception is just as important as Wedding: Weddings and receptions go hand in hand; however planning the reception can be as stressful as planning out your wedding. Once there is a broad picture of your wedding, Chandra Weddings will help you setting the reception in conjunction with your wedding style.